Oz Killer Writers Wanted

351217Writers Most Wanted – Do you have a talent for writing crime? Does murder cross your mind often, like when doing the dishes or making the bed? Did you enjoy The Staircase on Netflix or love Alfred Hitchcock films. Are you a talented Mr Ripley? If you smiled and answered ‘yes’ then showman Noel Anderson would like to hear from you about collaborating with him as a writer on ‘The 13 Most Wanted.’

After the sellout success of ‘Love Kills 2017‘ in the Melbourne Fringe, writer/director Noel Anderson has run screaming away from love and turning to murder, and is looking for ‘crime writers’ to help him explore the dark side of human nature.

Anderson’s inspiration for ‘The 13 Most Wanted’ came from an original art work created by Andy Warhol in the 1960’s.  Anderson, himself a victim of crime (see story Who Killed My Dad? ) is looking for writers to join him in creating an original stage and podcast experience about the ‘killer instinct.’

Love Kills 2017

So, if you are a writer with a penchant for the macabre and a passion for crime, then ‘The 13 Most Wanted’ is the place for you, and Noel Anderson wants your creativity.

Like To Be Involved? If interested, please forward your details, CV, contact and picture to: randyandy42@gmail.com