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Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious!

Peter Ustinov

The Tap House Hotel in Balaclava is a couple of blocks away, and I have often dropped in for a little comedy on Monday night. The evening is called Local Laughs,” except during the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s been on every week for 19 years. The longest-running comedy room in Melbourne! With a reasonably priced ticket, you get to watch great Aussie comedians over a beer or cheeky wine. Judith Lucy, Dave Hughes and Adam Hills have all worked the Tap House stage. Local Laughs also offers a smorgasbord of not-so-well-known names. You might not laugh at every joke but you are guaranteed to be entertained.

Bubbles make everything better!

Janet McLeod

A night at Local Laughs wouldn’t be the same without its mistress of mirth and MC, Janet McLeod. Initially from Ballarat, and dubbed the Fairy Godmother of Melbourne Comedy, she is a writer, performer, trivia trailblazer and co-host of the popular Cinema Fiasco. Janet is also the producer of Local Laughs.

Comedy is a serious business. But Janet McLeod finds humour in every situation. Her motto, “Bubbles make everything better!” I asked Janet if she’d like to be a guest on my podcast channel, Noel Anderson’s 15 Mins of Fame, and spill the beans on her creative journey from Ballarat to Balaclava! Bless her cotton socks 🧦 she said, “Yes!”

Listen to the Local Laughs Podcast!

Local Laughs Podcast with Janet Mcleod and Noel Anderson

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