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A few months back, I was contacted by Tequila Mockingbird Productions in Los Angeles about a film called This Sucks. They wondered if I would like to interview writer/director Cameron A. Mitchell for my podcast.  Long story short, I was sent a preview link and watched the movie while eating a Vegemite sandwich. I liked This Sucks and thought it was very socially aware for a film shot in 9 days.

We’re in a global pandemic, no one has a narrative arc!

This Sucks is a black comedy set during Christmas 2020. Chronically depressed Jess, her LGBTQ best friend, chatty roommate, and ex-boyfriend struggle to survive COVID quarantine. Each character has a red-faced demon that follows them, a physical manifestation of their inner depression.

This podcast contains themes around filmmaking, depression, racism, and the importance of “found families.

This Sucks Movie Trailer

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