Floss me up! Narelle MacDonald’s talkin’ to’ya…yeah you!

New Narelle e-flyer

Floss me up everyone,

I’m crash landing in Melbourne and it’s goin’ to be awesome! My show is a cross between boisterous rollicking stand-up and songs that will have you spinning around on the floor of the Midura Bowling Club.

Welcome to the world of Narelle MacDonald : The Descent into Pop Madness. 

Directed by the very inventive and very hot Noel Anderson and starring Melbourne’s finest 3AW traffic reporter Ms Caroline Ferguson with (I can wear a sexy T-Shirt too ) Dennis Manahan…the show begins at Club Voltaire in North Melbourne in just two weeks time.
So, ladies and germs lock the kiddies in the car for the night, hunt down ya best 1980’s gear and spend the night with me…Narelle MacDonald.  Maybe we can even catch a drink at Crown after my gig?
You betta believe I’m one hot lady.

Be with Narelle…and see if she can finally make it to Top Of The Pops! If Kylie can do it… then screw it…so can Narelle…!!!!

Written by Kieran Carroll who is currently serving time in Mildura prison for crimes against the arts.


Hope to see you in North Melbourne.