Narelle Sims from Price Check The Musical

She puts on her makeup and heads off to work. Sometimes she even paints her nails, and her legs are sore from standing all day. She is a friend to some, a widow to others…she is your local checkout chick, standing tall at the cash register making sure you haven’t accidentally tucked a frozen chicken or something under your jacket. 
Snap Chat Report: Narelle Sims a real life checkout chick and one of the stars of the new Aussie stage show called Price Check The Musical.
Harlequin Ink: Hi…first up is Narelle your real name?
Narelle: Yes of course, it’s on my chest.
Harlequin: Pardon..?
Narelle: My badge, see….it reads Narelle, right?
Harlequin: Okay…how long have you been working as a checkout chick?
Narelle: Over ten years. I started as Night-filler. Night-filler is a dog of a job. I wouldn’t wish it on Tony Abbott.
Harlequin: Must be really terrible then…Do you follow politics?
Narelle: No… I follow ‘The Bachelor.’ I can’t seem to keep my hands off toy boys.
Harlequin: What three words best describe you Narelle?
Narelle: I’m simple, I’m old haha and I’m hard-working (that’s one word right? If you put a hyphen in it?)
Harlequin: Where is the best place to get a milkshake and burger in Melbourne?
Narelle: Sometimes I go out with my girlfriends to the casino, we like a place called Merrywell! It does great burgers, and the boys that work there are pretty cute too!
Harlequin: Do your girlfriends put their handbags on the floor and dance around them?
Narelle: Harlequin? I’m no spring chicken? That’s teenage stuff.
Harlequin: Who would you love to see in your supermarket at Theatre Works?
Narelle: Any of the Neighbours cast! That Blair McDonough – he used to be on Big Brother. I remember having a bit of a crush on him!
Harlequin: Do you have any pre-work rituals?
Narelle: I like my lipstick perfect. You never know who might come in.
Harlequin: Party mixers love or loathe?
Narelle: I’m not really much of a party goer to be honest – It’s hard to meet people.
Harlequin: What’s the best book you’ve read recently?
Narelle: Sometimes I read the odd trashy romance novel!
Harlequin: Me too, who doesn’t? What would you do if you were boss?
Narelle: I Don’t know…I guess I’d give everyone a little bit of a pay rise.
Harlequin: What’s the best thing about working in your supermarket?
Narelle: Well, it’s not the hours, I can tell you that. I guess it’s the music. Yep, it’s the music.
Harlequin: If I asked you to describe Price Check The Musical in one word, what would it be?
Narelle: (smiling) Polished!
Price Check The Musical opens on the 26th August for 6 performances only.
Snap Chat written by Belinda Hanne Reid and Noel Anderson