Revenge and Adultery – The Perfect Match!

Revenge is a dish best served cold so Elizabeth believes in The Perfect Match. She also believes adultery is no laughing matter. This short film was an official entry into Tropfest in 2002. The signature object that year – a match. It was made before the world wide digital revolution and also before big name stars and companies got into the act at Tropfest and stole the competition. A time when Tropfest meant – HAVE A GO. I wrote it pretty quickly I remember over coffee in Stanley Street. I thought The Perfect Match was lost forever in my move from Sydney to Melbourne some 14 years ago…but I found this recording on an old VHS Tape at the bottom of my cupboard. The VHS sound is a bit dodgy now but the film is a lot of fun. I hope you like it.  😊 Click on link to view 🍿

The Perfect Match – A Short Film by Noel Anderson