ROADSIDE – The Podcast

Some years ago, I joined the Melbourne Writers Social Group, partly because writing can be lonely and also to spy on other writers, maybe even even collaborate on something.


Mat Clarke, writer and performer in this podcast,  is the organiser of the group. Each year MWSG produce an online anthology, I thought it might be fun to record ROADSIDE a piece from the anthology as a short podcast. Both Mat and I are fans of horror writer Stephen King, often quoting from King’s book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. There’s more than a nod to King in this collaboration. I hope you enjoy listening to ROADSIDE: The Podcast, it’s sure to send a shiver up and down your spine! Cheers Noel 😊

ROADSIDE: The Podcast – Written and Performed by Mat Clarke – Edited and Directed by Noel Anderson – adapted from a short story in Melbourne Writers Social Anthology – Running time 4.46 minutes.

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