Songs to Dance to in Lockdown

Lockdown 6 is well and truly upon us in Melbourne. I don’t know about you but after 200 plus days in isolation, I’m ready to shake my booty and dance off those damn “Lockdown Blues.”

The benefits of dancing during a lockdown are well known, at least by me anyway. Dancing helps with depression, fights dementia, keeps you physically fit and reduces stress levels. I am convinced it can help anyone cope in isolation. I should know, I’ve danced often at home since COVID-19 arrived in Australia.

What type of dancing works best to relieve tension in lockdown?

1. Definitely not ballet! Ballet focuses on strength, technique and flexibility. But is not for every body shape. Please remember, extra lockdown kilos won’t improve your pirouettes in the backyard. My advice is to avoid ballet at all costs when locked down and avoid midnight snacks.

2. Ballroom dancing is another form of dance. I’ve been known to step out to a good old-fashioned rumba and the odd foxtrot myself. Atlas, ballroom dancing involves having a partner to dance with, and I know a few of you reading this story are single and alone. So ballroom dancing won’t cut the mustard in lockdown for singles.

3. Of course, belly dancing might be worth a try in lockdown, and getting your middle eastern groove on can be fun. But not everyone feels comfortable flashing their belly button about the kitchen while pounding out a kataifi mousse cake. For that reason let’s forget belly dancing! And mousse cake making also.

The Power of FreeStyle!

After careful consideration, I suggest dancing any which way you bloody-well want. Freestyle is the perfect choice in lockdown! The main purpose is to enjoy yourself at home alone, be silly, uninhibited, and forget everything including the global pandemic.

Below are listed ten songs I’ve danced to recently in lockdown. I find dancing in my underwear works well for me. However, if you’re not that brave, any comfy clothes will do. Now, pour yourself a skinny bitch and with glass in hand, dance like there’s no one watching.

Hit the music links and enjoy yourself 🎶

Recommended Dancing Songs

1. Be Without You – WiFi

2. Stranger In The House – Tamia

3. Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 (Feat. Christina Aguilera & Ma Miller)

4. Someday (classic Remix) – Lisa Stansfield

5. Believe – Cher

6. I Took A Pill in Ibiza – Mike Posner

7. Barbie Girl – Aqua

8. You Won’t Forget About Me – Danni Minogue

9. Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics

10. Jealous – Nick Jonas