Woke Christmas Podcast

Woke nowadays refers to someone who has “woken up” to issues of social injustice.

It’s the happiest time of year. But what is the true meaning of Christmas? Where does Santa really come from? Let’s not forget that for many people Christmas time can be the loneliest time of year. And what about the ideology behind Cancel Culture? Does it deserve a place at our Christmas lunch?

Christmas is the celebration of God’s ultimate gift: the birth of Jesus Christ.

Peter and Noel

To help me explore Christmas, I asked my good friend, Peter Van Miltenburg, to join me on Noel Anderson’s 15 Mins of Fame channel. We met 16 years ago at Chasers Nightclub in Melbourne. He’s a man of many talents and for the purpose of this ‘Woke’ podcast, our little Christmas elf! And an expert on Christmas.

What do Ramadan, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Coca Cola and bullfighting have to do with Christmas? Push play and find out!

Woke Christmas Podcast hosted by Noel Anderson with Peter Van Miltenburg

WARNING – Sensitive themes are discussed in this podcast.

More Info: https://linktr.ee/noelanderson

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