Happy Ever After Podcast

“Deep sadness sits at the base of my belly always.”

Ros Lewis

Ros Lewis is a Melbourne writer and psychotherapist, originally from the land of Aotearoa (New Zealand). She writes poetry, writes a blog (www.amiworthit.com) and has recently completed a memoir. She’d probably describe herself as a mother, a hippie, a feminist and a survivor. We met years ago at a Melbourne writer’s meeting. I was struck immediately by her no-nonsense manner and inquisitive mind. We’re good friends and have spent hours discussing therapy, creative activism and the meaning of life over late-night drinks in Collingwood.

Recently I attended a reading of a play Ros was working on called ‘Happy Ever After.’ An expanded version of a piece she’d written for a show I created in 2017 called ‘Love Kills.’ Using poetry, narrative and humour, ‘Happy Ever After’ tells the true story of a woman’s search for love, only to be subjected to the trauma of intimate partner violence. I enjoyed the reading, and asked Ros if she’d join me on my podcast channel Noel Anderson’s 15 Mins of Fame. Happily, she answered, “Yes. When do you want to record it?”

Happy Ever After Podcast contains themes of trauma and domestic violence.

Hosted by Noel Anderson with Ros Lewis

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