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Tania Lacy

A friend mentioned comedian Tania Lacy was touring again after living in Berlin and taking time to raise a kid and go through menopause. “You remember Tania? She choreographed Kylie Minogue’s first music clip, Locomotion. Please consider her for your podcast, 15 Mins of Fame, she’d be great!” I do remember Tania but I can’t recall the decade. Was it the 80s or 90s?

Molly and Tania

Tania was the “it” girl of Australian television, TV host Molly Meldrum discovered her dancing on Countdown. It wasn’t long before she was working on TV shows like The Factory, offering TLC to Cyndi Lauper on ABC’s Countdown Revolution and appearing on Steve Vizard’s Tonight Live.

In 2014, Tania Lacy was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Today she’s touring Australia, taking time to smell the roses, make people laugh and connect with the universe.

Coming Up Roses Podcast

Hosted by Noel Anderson featuring comedian Tania Lacy

This podcast features themes of anarchy, borderline personality disorder, Kylie Minogue and Countdown Revolution.

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