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I just want people to know they’re not alone

Cameron A. Mitchell

A few months back, I was contacted by Tequila Mockingbird Productions in Los Angeles about a film called This Sucks. They wondered if I would like to interview writer/director Cameron A. Mitchell for my podcast, 15 Mins of Fame.

Cameron A. Mitchell

Long story short, I was sent a preview link and watched the movie while eating a Vegemite sandwich. I liked This Sucks, particularly the performances and thought it very socially aware for a film shot in 9 days.

We’re in a global pandemic, no one has a narrative arc!

This Sucks is a black comedy set during Christmas 2020. Chronically depressed Jess, her LGBTQ best friend, chatty roommate, and ex-boyfriend struggle to survive COVID quarantine. Each character has a red-faced demon that follows them, a physical manifestation of their inner depression.

This Suck Podcast

Hosted by Noel Anderson with Cameron A. Mitchell

This podcast contains themes around filmmaking, depression, racism, and the importance of “found families.

This Sucks Movie Trailer

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