Harlequin Ink by Noel Anderson

I guess this is really the start of my musical journey, scratch that out… let’s say musical diary instead.  I don’t record things for keepsake. I’ve never kept a diary. In a strange way my written work, my screenplays and theatre scripts, are my own personal diary, reflecting moments I loved, friends I’ve lost and loved, people I destroyed (I’m just kiddin’) and things I’d like to forget. I’ve always joked when drunk, that when It came to writing my biography sometime in the future, anything I couldn’t remember I’d just make  up… Well, I mean, who the hell wants to admit they had a boring life, right?  I would never put down on paper, computer or tablet, anything that suggested such a thing. Luckily, life has never been dull and when it does get less than spectacular, I do something so stupid that rocks the boat, eventually tips the boat over.  I call it living! This seems to work for me, but appears to really annoy others around me.  Well, that’s okay .  I’m not the best swimmer but I’m very good at floating.  I guess that’s why I’m still involved in the arts and doing Aussie independent theatre years on, because I’m  very good at floating!

For the record, this is my first blog, ever!  This will be an account of my thoughts and experiences, over the coming months.  It will last as long as I feel it needs to last, in monthly installments!   It’s will also be my account of putting together an original musical in Australia from scratch. I will talk a bit about the show, reveal personal stuff about me I suppose,  and my creative process etc…  which I hope other creative souls will enjoy and maybe even find amusing.  I’d also love to get to know you a little better, the reader of this blog, Harlequin Ink.  Welcome to the beginning of our relationship. I hope it’s good for you, and being a little selfish here, I hope it’s good for me too!  The  musical I’ve co-written is called Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets.  My other partners in crime are writers Gaylene Carbis, Cerise De Gedler and mister music, Geoff Main.  A stranger group of vagabonds I’ve never met!  The show’s concept I’ve been involved with now for six years.  I directed a 55 minute version of the show, without music, at Chapel off Chapel in 2008.  The same version was also performed much later at 45 Downstairs, directed by Lucy Freeman.  An Australian musical is a rare beast, I bet you can’t think of many with original music, right? And, one with a Hollywood twist that’s set in Melbourne is even harder to find. Dusty and Shout were both successful Australian shows but they used well known pop tunes, they had no original score.

This then is my first entry called Harlequin Ink.  Why Harlequin Ink? Well, I’ve always loved the Harlequin figure, indeed one of my favourite Australian films from the early 80’s is called Harlequin.  The name Harlequin is taken from that of a mischievous “devil” character in popular  French passion plays.  The Harlequin is nimble, quick and performs somersaults and cartwheels with ease.  This is something I’ve done a lot through my life in the arts, and I’m sure I’ll be doing more somersaults as Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets rolls along to a full production  I know what you’re thinkin’… To dream the impossible dream, right?  Well, to quote two leading characters from the show, Liz O’Sullivan (from Glenhuntly) and Audrey Hepburn… I’m possible!  I hope as you get to know me better, you’ll be rooting for me and the team… and of course, Audrey! Note : Rooting is an old Australian slang term… believe me I meant nothing naughty 🙂  Welcome Melbourne and G’day Australia. Checkout the video too.

Writer and director Noel Anderson