Harlequin Ink

I posted this in June 2014…what journey it’s been already. Audrey and I has nearly 900 likes on Facebook, 600 views of A Real Man video and we’ve got our first of many sponsors. To quote one famous singer “How lucky can you get!”
Quote from Barbra Streisand in Funny Lady

Harlequin Ink

I guess this is really the start of our musical journey together, scratch that out… let’s say musical diary instead.  

I don’t record things for keepsake. I’ve never kept a diary. In a strange way my written work, my screenplays and theatre scripts, are my own personal diary, reflecting moments I loved, friends I’ve lost, people I destroyed (I’m just kiddin’) and things I’d like to forget.  I’ve always joked when drunk, that when It came to writing my biography sometime in the future, anything I couldn’t remember I’d just make  up… Well, I mean, who the hell wants to admit they had a boring life, right?  I would never put down on paper, computer or tablet, anything that even suggested such a thing…Luckily, life has never been dull and when it does get less than spectacular, I do something so stupid that rocks the boat…eventually tipping the boat…

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