Breakfast with Audrey Hepburn and Hester Van Der Vyver

Harlequin Ink catches up for breakfast with Hester Van Der Vyver who plays screen legend Audrey Hepburn in the new Aussie musical with the Hollywood twist ‘Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets.’
Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets
Q: What’s the place to have breakfast in Melbourne?
Hester: Tall Timber in Prahran
Q: What was the best part of your week?
Hester: Date-night with my partner.
Q: What’s the worst part about acting?
Hester: There is no certainty ever…which is kind of the best bit!
Q: What’s the thing you most admire about Audrey Hepburn?
Hester: Her incredible compassion.
Q: What do you like about your role?
Hester: Discovering more about a legend. And the dresses.
Q: What was cool about where you grew up?
Hester: I grew up in the south island of New Zealand…I was always outside.
Q: What’s the coolest thing in Melbourne no one knows about?
Hester: Ummm…my signature pasta dish.
Q: What the best place you’ve ever traveled to?
Hester: Thailand…Bliss.
Q: What is something you’ve tried but never would again?
Hester: Not acting.
Q: What’s your favourite Audrey Hepburn Film?
Hester: I’m still watching them all but so far it’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Q: Why should people come and see Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets.
Hester: It’s a home-grown musical, has some great tunes, a range of interesting issues and some truly hilarious moments…I think people will really enjoy it.
Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets
Melba Spiegeltent from 29th Oct to 7th November