Playing Cupid On The Addictive Webseries NEXT

NEXT…is coming to a phone near you!  In August 2015 I was as sick as a dog while directing a new musical at Theatreworks. I was running a high fever, but still doing everything I could to help the show along…new Australian work is a hard sell particularly to industry music lovers and general public. A strange air had crept into production week that was disappointing and made me ponder why anyone would bother creating new work for the Oz stage, particularly me.  Maybe I should be working in a shop selling mobile phones? At interval on preview night, I grabbed a glass of wine from the foyer bar, still crook, I made polite chit chat to a film crew who were there filming the work of another member of my team, when a man came up to me called Rob Lobosco… Rob had won his theatre tickets in a online competition and thought my direction was very good, and asked if I’d like to direct a web series called NEXT…about the perils of internet dating.  Although at the time I didn’t know the name of the series and I must admit, I thought nothing would come of it…but here I am now talking about the webseries NEXT… During the shoot of NEXT in August, I snapped a lot of pictures and recorded a few of my thoughts. So this is my image diary of our shooting days. I hope you like it and remember to subscribe Rob Lobosco Productions on YouTube and the NEXT… Facebook site.

Much love Noel x

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‘Next…Awesome and Wonderful’
‘On the set of NEXT the new addictive webseries. The laundromat is the lead character’s home away from home. It’s almost a lead character too’
‘I had to put the web series NEXT on like a coat before I could direct it, then I had to ask myself  why this script had found it’s way to me. Once I understood that, it all happened organically’ Director Noel Anderson 30/8/2016

Noel’s diary 20/8/2016 – Saturday’s rehearsal went well, I have to make sure I handle the script with care, Aussie comedy is as hard as hell to direct! Harder than Shakespeare’

NEXT…About the perils of online dating…and the dangers of balancing a clapperboard on your head (Joke!)

‘Are we going to see the band or what doctor? Come on, I’ve put my red gloves on specially’
Lights! Camera! Action! PINS IN! NEXT…
‘Why did the crew say yes to doing the addictive web series NEXT…? Maybe they were expecting to find something more than wine in the cellar’
It’s all about the girls…? And the wig and clapperboard too!
‘Penny give me your mobile phone. I’ve got a dating problem! – Tobias in NEXT’
Online dating can be fun on set! Okay who is NEXT…?
‘There is nothing better than a great Australian comedy with good Aussie actors. It’s as original as comedy gets’ – Director Noel Anderson a23/8/2016
Noel’s diary 24/8/2016  ‘I guess it’s all about love, mobile phones, and giving life your best shot. That’s NEXT!’

NEXT… Starring Robert Lobosco, Lee McClenaghan, Sandra Casa, Katherine Louise Grinshaw…Directed by Noel Anderson

NEXT… Trailer for your enjoyment!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noel Anderson has directed too many theatrical productions, performed as a Ghostbuster in shopping centres, written well into the night when in pain, worked with a helluva lot of people and had the odd breakdown. He believes in the power of pop music and Campbell’s Soup. Noel’s written work includes Hello Little Man (Melbourne Writer’s Social Anthology 2016), Kylie Kastle Throws A Party (performed in schools across the country), Germ Warfare, The Carer, Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes Of Fame and the new Australian musical Audrey Hepburn And I Consider Our Assets  (  ) which premiered at the Melba Spiegeltent on 29th October 2015. Noel is currently working on his first feature film Sammy and Dave, and a music video for Audrey and I called ‘Travellers In Time.’ You can follow Noel on Twitter: @Randyandy42 or

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