Intoxicated – A Podcast Noir

Several years ago I devised and directed a play for the Melbourne Fringe Festival around a monologue I wrote called Confide in Me . The show was called Love Kills 2017 ❤️ It consisted of a collection of stories about love-going-horribly-wrong. One piece, Intoxicated, was written by a lovely lady called Melka Stansah. When I first read Intoxicated I was surprised that such a noir tale of murder, lust and revenge could come from a sweet and unassuming creature!

Gina Gray, Gina Gray. Her beautiful face, her mysterious perfume!

To help Melka’s noir vision along, I called on an actor I’d worked on/off with for over a decade, Graham Murray. I knew Graham had the right eccentricity to pull it off! The rest I guess is history. Love Kills 2017 was a surprise hit of the festival and Intoxicated a favourite with our enthusiastic audiences.

Graham Murray and Melka Stansah

Intoxicated is presented here as a podcast. It is written by Melka Stansah, performed by Graham Murray and produced and directed by Noel Anderson.

Intoxicated – A Podcast Noir

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