Intoxicating Love Noir

Writer Melka Stansah talks about the inspiration behind the short film noir ‘Intoxicated.’

“Years ago, I was in love with a man. Everything would have gone well except that he was miles away,” Melka sighed. “A long-distance relationship was not an option because, at the end of the day, one of us eventually had to make a sacrifice; moving to another country. So sadly, nothing ever started between us.”

“This inspired my noir monologue ‘Intoxicated,’ which I wrote for Noel Anderson’s Melbourne Fringe Festival production of Love Kills 2017,” Melka reflects, “I was broken. This craving for someone was intoxicating! All I wished was that we were at the right time and place. Maybe then, we could rewrite our stories.

I’m forever grateful to performer Graham Murray and director Noel Anderson for the unforgettable memories of Love Kills 2017,” Melka added. “I found my love of theatre writing Intoxicated. And I really hope people enjoy this short film noir version, shot totally on Zoom!”

Watch ‘INTOXICATED’ A film noir now

Intoxicated – A Film Noir – Starring Graham Murray – Written by Melka Stansah – Directed by Noel Anderson – Produced by Harlequin Ink

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Produced by Harlequin Ink