True Stories

What is a true story? A seemingly false tale which upon closer examination is not false, it’s true, therefore a true story.

I love reading biographies and real-life stories. True stories tell us something about a real person, place or event! Even if the event did not exactly happen the way it’s described in the story, it still reveals something truthful about the author, something we didn’t know. Some stories are true even if made up, because they tell us something about our own experiences and insecurities.

The five stories presented here are true. They are part of my story, and life experience. I must have been moved deeply by each event, place or person in these stories enough to want to sit down and write. Writing is a lonely job after all. I’m not sure why I still do it! Possibly to educate or entertain! Maybe I’m still looking for something? Possibly the truth.

Jack Kerouac famously said, “If you tell a true story, you can’t be wrong.” Well, what can I say? Jack’s on to something! Enjoy 😉

1. A bite for lunch with an old friend turns into something unforgettable!


2. In a grand city building in Melbourne, I search for a fading Aussie star ⭐️ Will I find him hiding somewhere in the dark?


3. A bottle of pills, a camera and a screen test. Suicide is such an overrated act of love ❤️

A Bullet to the Head

4. My brief encounter with a Hollywood legend and his sad end of days.

I Wear the Same Shirt Size as William Holden

5. A New Years Eve full of fireworks, and more regrets than you can poke a stick at!

For Old Times Sake

The True Story Series.

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