Christmas Tree Cycle 🎄

Chapter 1. Every year I put up this little Christmas tree. I can be feelin’ like crap or feelin’ good… but either way up goes the damn tree. You always feel better the minute you turn on the Christmas tree lights. Well, I do. Over the years I have seen bigger trees. Friends have said to me, “Noel that tiny tree of yours is not a real Christmas tree. This is a real Christmas tree!” They then point to the biggest tree in the world, standing six feet high or more. Lights flickering on and off in a sequenced pattern. I just shrug my shoulders. I shrug it off because I’ve never been a greedy person. I’m thankful for that. My tiny Christmas tree reminds me of this 😊 I look at their big Christmas tree and I say nothing! I just smile to myself, and I top up my glass, full of Christmas cheer. 🍷 And I remind myself to “never ever worry about the size of my Christmas tree.” I am grateful.

Chapter 2. This year I was undecided about putting up my little Christmas tree because I was going to Queensland to visit my sister. And if I’m honest, it doesn’t feel much like Christmas to me. The older I get the less festive I feel 🎅 As you know from the previous chapter, this little tree and I have been through a lot together. We’ve been through good hairdo days, bad hairdo days and my current state of “no hair days.” And quite often on those bad hairdo days, my little tree and I have been alone. But always together. Sometimes we’ve caught sight of each other crying into our skinny bitches (if only a tree could drink🍹) but somehow, together, we’ve got the little tree up and decorated. Last week I decided, while full of Christmas spirit, “fuck it!” I’m giving you a miss this year little Christmas tree! Stay in your box. See ya next year! But today when I woke with a slight hangover, I noticed a light under my bedroom door 🚪 Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes 👀 when I opened the door, because my naughty little Christmas tree had assembled itself in the lounge room and was overflowing with sparkling Christmas baubles, reminding me that’s there is comfort in our yearly ritual together. And that Christmas is Christmas after all! So, to all my single, unmarried and childless friends, unpack your damn Christmas tree and don’t let the married couples have all the fun 🌲 Have a wonderful Christmas Day 😘

Chapter 3. I always put up this tiny little Christmas tree 🎄 often alone, and this post-COVID -19 lockdown Christmas is no different! Only this year I decided to put the tree in a new spot in the lounge room. Why? I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ As I unpacked this little tree I thought, “How many decades have I been unpacking this bloody tree?” No one answered, of course, I’m alone after all. So I continued whinging. “Why am I still doing this? It’s dumb. Unpacking and decorating this tiny tree all alone. It’s pointless! I’d be better off at the pub tonight throwing down a Pure Blonde and a frigging Chicken Parma,” I fumed… exhausted from hanging tiny decorations on the little tree.
“No you wouldn’t!,” a woman said. “Wouldn’t what?” I asked.
“Be better off at the pub,” she answered.
“What do ya mean? Who said that?”
“You heard me, Noel! Now stop complaining and finish dressing the tree,” she scolded.
I glanced around the room, but no one was there. I looked up at the shelf above the tiny tree and saw mum smiling back at me from inside a white picture frame.
“A mother’s love never dies,” she said. “Now finish dressing the tree son. Mum’s got a headache!” 🎊

Chapter 4. This is probably the smallest Christmas Tree in Australia. I’m sure. But believe me, it has the biggest heart! This tiny tree has lived with me for decades, in three cities. Sydney, Brisbane and now, Melbourne. It’s like me, well-travelled. I’ve assembled this tree surrounded by friends and loved ones, and hung decorations on it when no one could be found. Where do the lonely hide at Christmas? I wonder, staring up at the night sky. This little tree reminds me that “home” is where the heart is ♥️ It isn’t a person, place or fussy house cat…but more likely a state of mind. Tonight as I hung the last bauble on this tiny tree, I thought I heard my mother singing Danny Boy like she did when I was a little. In the warm night air, I’m reminded that “home” is more often than not…a distant song 🎵 If you’re reading this and feel-in’ blue, I want you to do something for me. I want you to think of this tiny Christmas tree, stick your head out the window and sing out loud. Up to the sky. The spirit of Christmas will hear your voice in the darkness and follow the melody, keeping you safe and sound over the festive season. This, I promise.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 🥳

My Little Christmas Tree 🎄

PS. Christmas definitely is better with a song Travellers in Time

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