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Nandita Chakraborty is an Indian Australian author with two published novels under her belt. Her new book Dirty Little Secrets, a memoir set in Delhi and Melbourne, takes her readers on a no-holds-barred account of what it means to lose oneself and rise like a phoenix to start anew.

“The distance from Delhi to Melbourne is 10,213 km and the total distance to travel in search of oneself is limitless” – Nandita Chakroborty

Nandita and I are friends on Facebook. I had no idea that behind her cheery DM’s she held secrets, suffered terrible heartache 💔 and sustained a disability after falling 40 metres. Playing ‘detective,’ reading between the lines of Nandita’s FB posts, I concluded she’d been dealt several bad hands in the last decade. As her story unfolded on my iPhone, Nandita became an online mystery. One I was determined to solve.

“I decided in the last ten years it’s better to be loved by all than adored by one.”

Dirty Little Secrets – Amazon

Nandita’s story had all the ingredients a good book should contain…a woman’s search for love, a terrible accident, an internet scammer, blackmail and resilience over pain. This accidental writer (She started writing as a form of therapy) had more dirty little secrets to reveal. I was sure of that! Maybe we could work on something together? Possibly a podcast? They often say that people cross your path for a season, a reason or a lifetime. Like the fate of an accidental writer, some things are simply meant to be 😊

Secrets will be revealed!

When we next texted on social media, I asked Nandita if she’d like to be a guest on my podcast channel Noel Anderson’s 15 Mins of Fame .

“A live interview? I’m over Zoom!” she texted.

I messaged back. “Yes. We’d record it at my home in St Kilda.”

“Perfect!” she replied, to my delight. “I’d love to.”

iTunes Podcast

Nandita then sent an attachment about the dangers of online dating. Headline – ‘She thought she’d found love, but instead, she was scammed!’ “I’m featured in this article. Have you seen the Tinder Swindler?” I hadn’t seen the Netflix series. But made a mental note to view it. “Watch it!” she texted back. I hit thumbs up 👍

Listen to “Dirty Little Secrets Podcast!

Dirty Little Secrets Podcast with Nandita Chakraborty and Noel Anderson

Nandita supports Disability Australia, Beyond Blue and Bully Zero.

More Info: https://linktr.ee/noelanderson

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