Kelly Cupo and Audrey Hepburn Consider Their Assets Podcast

I’m known as that girl who is always happy. But that’s not the case

Kelly Cupo

Flashback – Church Street sometime in 2015. I’m holding auditions for a new Australian musical called Audrey Hepburn and I Consider Our Assets. I’d heard some good voices but was looking for something more, I didn’t know exactly what! Anyhow, in walks Kelly Cupo. She’s smiling, her hair pulled back and she’s wearing a tight black skirt. I thought her smile infectious and she lit up the room when she sang. I knew immediately she was my leading lady, Liz O’Sullivan. A young woman who in her therapy sessions imagines she’s talking to her idol, Audrey Hepburn.

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Fast forward – late 2022. A chat online with Kelly led to a catchup for a coffee in Elwood. Nothing had changed when I saw her at the cafe; her smile and laugh were still infectious! I knew Kelly would be the ‘perfect lady’ to interview on my channel, Noel Anderson’s 15 Mins of Fame.

In the podcast, Kelly Cupo chats about singing in Antarctica, musical theatre, mental health, turning 40 and why she’s still hopelessly devoted to screen star Audrey Hepburn.

Kelly Cupo and Audrey Hepburn Consider Their Assets PodcastContains themes around mental health and suicide.

Hosted by Noel Anderson with Kelly Cupo

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