Filmmaker Saara Lamberg and the Risky Cinema Podcast

Saara Lamberg steps on stage. “I’d like to be able to diversify Australian cinema,” she tells the audience at the Melbourne Made Film Festival. The fiercely independent filmmaker is a unique figure in Aussie cinema, a female writer/director/producer in an industry mostly dominated by men. But what intrigues me is that she also takes the lead role in her films. This includes the Westermarck Effect her most recent film. A story about a woman who falls in love with her biological son. It’s risky cinema. But to quote David Lynch, “Don’t make a film if it can’t be the film you want to make! It will kill you.” 

In this podcast, Saara Lamberg and I chat about her journey from Helsinki to becoming Melbourne’s best-known indie filmmaker. We also chat about “attraction” and why Saara doesn’t care much about gender!

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