Larry Bird : The Introduction


Larry bird has been created by writer, director and sometimes comedian Noel Anderson in a desperate bid for attention. Noel apologies to everyone!
Larry Bird has lived in Grey Street and St Kilda for most of his Adult life… except when he was a kid and home with the folks in Moonee Ponds. He has dabbled in most things, most legal and some not, and enjoyed a hedonistic kinda single life. Larry has an addiction to late nights and vodka, not necessary in that order . A few years back he got caught up in Melbourne’s swinging scene which lead to a part time career in standup comedy and the title of the worst Australian comedian ever. Sadly, he hasn’t worked for thirteen years and his last successful gig was the Police Citizen’s Youth Club … He is obsessed with Mark Seymour from the Aussie group Hunters and Collectors. He only ever has one thought in his mind at the time… This week it’s “How do I kick start my comedy career…again.” Checkout Larry Bird’s Unofficial Facebook page

Episode 1: The long Hard Road coming soon