Beautiful Isolation in Pictures

I was away in country Victoria for the weekend when I first met someone who knew somebody, who had the Coronavirus. Like most Australians at first I didn’t take the virus seriously. By the time I returned to Melbourne news of the virus was on every TV channel twenty four seven. These photos (snapped with my iPhone) were taken as the country moved towards stages 1 &2 of lockdown, at the start of my WFH arrangements. Before the country started to flatten the curve a little. I’d often stop to take a picture on my long walks alone (staying home is challenging). The empty cafes, streets and parks are an eerie reminder of COVID-19. These images represent hope and life in all its beautiful isolation in the year 2020. Stay safe 🇦🇺

About the author – Noel Anderson is putting the finishing touches on his feature film script Sammy & Dave and recently adapted Henry James’s classic ‘The Turn of the Screw’ into a gothic play, simply called ‘Ghost Story‘. Noel has directed over 50 theatrical productions. PS. Read an extract of Ghost Story on Amazon