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This could be your lucky day!  If you are reading this I’m guessing you like movies or maybe you’d like to be involved in filmmaking? Perhaps you’re a professional who wants to check us out. No worries, it’s all good. Welcome to the Lucky Strike Hotel 😜 Lets check-in.

Sammy and Dave is a one night stand love story about two bisexual men, unhappy with their married lives, who rendezvous late at night at the Lucky Strike Hotel. They laugh, img_2588-1they cry, have sex and recall the moments of their lives, good and bad, that lead them both to the hotel bed.

The Original Story!

img_0744-1Sammy and Dave (Unlucky in Love) is based on a real-life incident and a successful adult-only play, performed to capacity crowds upstairs at the rough and ready Sandringham Hotel in Sydney in 1990’s.  “I remember the actors struggling to be heard over heavy metal bands down below us” writer/director Noel Anderson recalls. “The crowd got into the intimate story and the atmosphere of the dodgy old pub. Imagine a bisexual fantasy in a setting like that? There were rough-nuts throwing back beers downstairs, while upstairs, Sammy and Dave had the queer community, liberal-minded straights and bi-curious sipping champers.”

Sammy and Dave’s one-night fling proved popular with the theatre crowd and gay community who lapped up the sexual innuendo while questioning the true meaning of love. The play was picked up by Griffin Theatre Company, transferring  Stables Theatre in Kings Cross where it ran late nights with full houses.

Tasty Raid 1994

The Film Adaption of Sammy and Dave

The screenplay of Sammy and Dave is firmly grounded in 1994, a time when it wasn’t accepted like it is today to be bisexual or gay. Gay venues were often raided by the police (see photo Tasty Nightclub Raid 1994) and bisexual men were mostly closeted. The news headlines of the day, films, commercials and TV shows featured stories about AIDS. Everyone in the queer community knew someone who had died in the 1990’s.

‘I kept it set in 1994. I felt it important to the the story and world Sammy and Dave are living in. But I’ve opened the story up for the screenplay, moving it from Sydney to the laneways of Melbourne, expanding the landscape around the men but keeping the comedy and the romance. In many ways, it’s stronger, film allows you to show much more, do more, and reflect. I came to the adaption with both knowledge and hindsight.’ – Writer/director Noel Anderson

‘MEETUP and fellow Melbourne creatives slide into bed with Sammy and Dave ‘

Noel Anderson is launching the film of Sammy and Dave to the indie film community on the social media platform  Melbourne Meetup “If you have a skill that can be used on a film set from makeup to the cameraman, admin to the editor, costumes or set, then come along to one of the make-an -indie-film-Meetups. Let’s create a strong film community in Melbourne and go make an Aussie Independent feature films.”

What inspired the film version of Sammy and Dave?

img_1713“I was inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s film One From The Heart,” Anderson said. “And two Alfred Hitchcock movies based on stage plays, Rope and Dial M For Murder. I love Hitchcock, but no one dies in Sammy and Dave, the suspense comes from one question…will they or won’t they have great sex?”

“Well, maybe I sound pessimistic, but let’s face the facts, falling in love can be a bitch.” – Dave Australian married businessman.

The film Sammy and Dave (Unlucky in Love) rolls back the clock to a different time in history.  Audiences will in fall in love with Sammy and Dave’s love story in 2020. 

You can contact Noel Anderson on Facebook or join up on Melbourne Meetup (link above)

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