‘Melbourne – 14 Years On’

Around fourteen years ago I left Sydney for the bright lights of Australia’s second biggest city, Melbourne. I didn’t know it at the time but my sea-change was going to be anything but smooth! However, despite my personal setbacks, I found inspiration in Melbourne’s back-laneways, street art, music, theatre scene and the gentle flow of its muddy river, the Yarra.

Looking at the clock on top of Flinders Street Station, I was reminded of Joan Lindsey’s ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock,’ of how all the clocks mysteriously stopped at exactly the same time, and for a moment the characters are neither here nor there! Well, this is my Lindsay moment; my time to stop and ponder my last 14 years in Melbourne…and then continue on!

The Year 2020
Everybody’s Rainbow Day
Stormy Weather Warning ⛔️
Laneway Blues

Melbourne and I have been through a lot together! Falling out of love, hair doos and hair don’ts, and no hair at all. But through it all Melbourne’s charm has been there urging me on. She’s a creative muse! So I pulled out my iPhone and snapped these pictures of her! Ain’t She Purdy? (Read with an American accent)

The St Kilda Kid
Road to Collingwood
Die Old Before Your Time
Rabbit in a Box 📦
Four Seasons

Four seasons in one day,” is a common Melbourne phrase, ’cause you go from hot, sunny day to raining and then it’d be hailing that night.’

I Think I Love You 😜
Tales of Despair

“Eating crispy skin chicken alone (perfect ketones dinner) I ponder my journey from my home town to now over a Sav Blanc, served in a cheap glass at the China Bar on Brunswick street, comforted by the fact that the chicken is bloody tasty.” – Noel Anderson 15/07/18

CHARACTERSMelburnians have their own unique style, and they’re not shy in coming forward or standing out!

Books and Stories

The State Library Victoria an icon of Melbourne, was established in 1854, making it Australia’s oldest public library and the fourth most-visited library in the world. It inspired my magical story ‘Dumbstruck’ about the Alma (magic) Collection which is housed at the State Library. You can read it here – Dumbstruck Note – It was first published in SLV’s staff zine, The Goat 🐐

The End of the Road

If you could change the choices you’ve made, would you want to keep them or upgrade them for something else? That question haunts me to this day!

Ghost Story

Despite a few personal regrets, I have found Melbourne to be a city that encourages both old and young to “be who you are!” And to shout about it! Consequentially I’ve done a lot of writing in Melbourne, and a lot of damn shouting!

Melbourne and Creativity

Swan in the Square
Melbourne and Musicals

Over 14 years, I’ve taken more than 20,000 photos of Melbourne and Melbourne performers, all shot using my iPhone.

A Fact – I have more pictures of Melbourne in my collection than my home town of Sydney. ‘It must be love, right?’


Butterfly of the World 🦋
Back to the Future

Yesterday… or been there, got over that!

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.

“Why did I take so many pictures? I don’t know, I guess Melbourne inspires me to look in the camera lens and dream” – Noel Anderson 3/3/21

Reach For The Sky

Polaroid – A Retrospective of short Stories

This may not be the Melbourne you know but this is as I see it! Shot naturally on my iPhone. Now I raise my glass to Melbourne and the next 14 years 🥳

About the author – Noel Anderson is currently working on his play ‘Billy Loves Cha Cha Forever’ for the Midsumma Festival 2021 and putting the finishing touches on his feature film script Sammy & Dave. In 2020 Noel adapted Henry James’s ‘The Turn of the Screw’ into a play called ‘Ghost Story‘. Read an extract of Ghost Story on Amazon. More info: Australian Plays Org

More Info: https://linktr.ee/noelanderson

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